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Who has better 2015 Super Bowl odds: Chiefs, Panthers, Redskins or Dolphins?

Trick question! The Chiefs, Panthers, Redskins and Dolphins have the same Super Bowl odds.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

RJ Bell of released Super Bowl odds for the 2014 NFL season and I found the Kansas City Chiefs placement very interesting. Not so much the 80/1 odds because that's not all that interesting but the other teams the Chiefs were grouped with. It gives us an idea of what outsiders think of the Chiefs season.

The Chiefs 80/1 Super Bowl odds are the same as the Panthers, Dolphins and Redskins. Now, if you're a Chiefs fan, you think you're undoubtedly a better team than those three (with possible exception to the Panthers, who are predicted to fall back to Earth like a certain team from Kansas City). I just find it interesting that the Chiefs are grouped with those three teams. I think the Chiefs are a better than those teams ... but you all know my homerism rises in September.

Ahead of the Chiefs are the Houston Texans at 75/1. I repeat, the Texans and their 2-14 record have better Super Bowl odds than the Chiefs. It's like saying last year that the Chiefs have better Super Bowl odds than the Colts, who won 11 games the year before.

Notable Super Bowl odds way ahead of the Chiefs are the Chargers (45/1) and Bengals (38/1). There is an argument the Chiefs are a better team than the Chargers but I would also say the Chargers have a higher ceiling than the Chiefs. That's why I can see the Chargers with better Super Bowl odds than the Chiefs but maybe not necessarily as good of a team. The Bengals are kind of a different story; I see them as a more refined version of the Chiefs, maybe a team that's a year or two ahead of the Chiefs. But I do not see a team that should have odds half as long as the Chiefs. The Bengals weaknesses look a lot like the Chiefs except with a really, really good receiver (AJ Green).

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