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Best and worst defenses the Kansas City Chiefs will face in 2014 NFL season

Let's talk about some potential shootouts for the Chiefs this season.

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One of the big questions for the Kansas City Chiefs entering the 2014 season is which Alex Smith the Chiefs are going to get. The first half quarterback who started 9-0 but had few games with big numbers? Or the second half quarterback who finished the regular season on a run with 14 touchdowns to just three interceptions?

So that brings me to this Chiefs 2014 schedule, which has the 2013 defensive rank (by points allowed) for each team on the Chiefs schedule. Obviously, things change year to year to some of these teams will be better than that ranking and some teams will be worse. That's the beauty of football -- things change so much from year to year.

I'm thinking about which games will be shootouts for the Chiefs. Where will they score the most points?

Week 1: Tennessee Titans (16)
Week 2: at Denver Broncos (22)
Week 3: at Miami Dolphins (8)
Week 4: New England Patriots (10)
Week 5: at San Francisco 49ers (3)
Week 6: Bye
Week 7: at San Diego Chargers (11)
Week 8: St. Louis Rams (13)
Week 9: New York Jets (19)
Week 10: at Buffalo Bills (20)
Week 11: Seattle Seahawks (1)
Week 12: at Oakland Raiders (29)
Week 13: Denver Broncos (22)
Week 14: at Arizona Cardinals (7)
Week 15: Oakland Raiders (29)
Week 16: at Pittsburgh Steelers (14)
Week 17: San Diego Chargers (11)

The Raiders are the obvious pick here. Not only do they have the lowest ranked defense from last season, but the Chiefs also put up 56 points on them last year, their highest point total in a 2013 game. But for a real shoot out where both teams score a lot of points I'm looking at that Patriots game. I could see that being the most points scored between both teams in a Chiefs game this year. The Patriots obviously have a good offense and their defense certainly isn't bad either after signing Darrell Revis. But Revis covers the corners and that's not where the Chiefs offense is focused, so I think they could still score some points against the Patriots.

Which game will the Chiefs score the most points? And which game will have the highest combined point total?

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