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Chiefs' Mike Catapano had a virus and a concussion

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The Chiefs revealed what's ailing Mike Catapano.


The Kansas City Chiefs updated the situation on Mike Catapano, who was placed on IR this week. Catapano has not practiced since a few brief appearances during training camp with what was previously an unknown condition.

Chiefs trainer Rick Burkholder told the media on Friday:

"With Mike Catapano, Mike had two issues," Burkholder said, via quotes from the Chiefs. "One, he had a virus that was gastrointestinal-based. As we studied that - and we studied it extensively - he went to New York to the hospital for special surgeries and there it was determined that he had another problem, that he had a concussion.

"He was studied at New York University Hospital, the University of Michigan and the University of Pittsburgh for the concussion. We've gotten a prognosis and we've gotten rehabilitation to do. He's back here. He's doing rehab with us, and he'll be re-evaluated in two weeks.

"As far as his reserved/non-football illness, that was for the virus, and then we switched it over to reserved/injured with the concussion."

Catapano is on injured reserve, which means he will not play again this season. Best of luck to him in his recovery.