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Ryan Lilja has a great story about Charlie Weis and Jon Bon Jovi

Dilip Vishwanat

Former Kansas City Chiefs guard Ryan Lilja is a weekly guest on The Drive on 610 Sports. On Tuesday, Lilja told a great story to Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison. Listen to the audio here. A transcript is below if you can't listen to it.

Lilja: I say with this all due respect to coach Weis. I got to play with him for one year and I believe he is an absolutely brilliant play caller.

I get cut by Indianapolis so I'm at home. It was in March. I actually had a house here in Kansas City. I'm sitting there with my wife and I'm saying, "Golly, now what?"

My agent is blowing me up saying, "Dude Kansas City wants you in right away, they want you in right away." And I said, "I need some time to process this, dude." We just lost the Super Bowl, and I played the whole season and they cut me because of they said an injury deal. I was like golly. "No, no get in there dude," he said. "Pioli wants you to meet with the guys."

So I go in there, I'm really upset after we lost the Super Bowl. That just stung me. Then I got fired. So I'm doing my physical and they say, "Nah, you're fine." I just had shoulder surgery and they said, "No that's easy, you're good."

The first coach or anybody that I get to meet on the staff to see if this is the right fit or whatever for me, which is code for how much are they going to pay me, was coach Weis. So I go in and he has a big conference table even though he's got the three quarterbacks that he works with but he's got this huge office with a big conference table.

He's sitting there in his sweatpants at the head of the table and he goes, "Ryan Lilja. Don't sit down. Don't sit down yet. I'm going to tell you everything there is to know about you. I'm going to tell you everything there is to know about you then you can sit down knowing I know everything there is to know about you."

Then he blabbers on about my Wikipedia page or some crap. Some that was true, whatever, he tells me your wife went to high school here, this and that, junior college. I said wow, OK.

So he goes, "OK now that you know that I know everything there is to know about you, you can sit down." I said OK this is starting off kind of weird. So I sit down and I'm thinking how he's gonna tell me how I fit into his scheme, we're going to run the play action, we're going to run to set up the pass, this is what we're gonna do. None of that.

He starts telling me about his son. He's like, well you know St. Thomas Aquinas, Rockhurst, I don't know which one of these schools I want to send him to. This one is this, this is the benefits of this one is this. He's boring the heck out of me. I'm like what in the heck is going on. So then his phone rings and he's like excuse me for a minute, I think it's my wife or my son. I'm only going to answer it if it's my wife or my son.

He goes and grabs the phone and picks it up and goes, "Nope, it's Bon Jovi. Anyway so, Rockhurst ..."

I just lost it. I completely lost it. I was like, "Are you serious!?" he goes, yeah we're like this. He did the finger cross thing but couldn't get them all around (laughter). I was like wow that is pretty cool. Bon Jovi was going to town that day and I guess they were buds from up there in New Jersey. Anyway, that's my Charlie Weis story.

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