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Which Kansas City Chiefs touchdown dance was better? (video)

The KC Chiefs beat the Miami Dolphins thanks to these players who scored touchdowns and did dances.

Joel Auerbach

You know winning is so much fun? Because you get to see touchdown dances.

The Kansas City Chiefs had a pair of terrific touchdown dances in Sunday's 34-15 victory over the Miami Dolphins courtesy of Travis Kelce and Cyrus Gray.

Travis Kelce's Shmoney Dance

Kelce's touchdown dance is apparently called the Shmoney Dance (this is what the kids are calling it). Please view it in all its glory below.

Mrs. Arrowhead Pride, who doesn't know anything about touchdown dances, said his dance was kind of weird. Well, she just doesn't get it. We should also note that we have been waiting for a big Kelce play because of this, which he said last week:

Cyrus Gray's ??? Dance

Then there's Cyrus Gray, who scored in the final seconds of the game. His dance ... well, here it is:

I am not quite sure what this one is. I like it! It's different. But I don't know what it is. He told the KC Star he was copying off a Von Miller dance with his own twist. I asked Gray after the game what it was and he said:

These are both outstanding dances. But which one is best?

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