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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 9/2

Good morning! Here is your Kansas City Chiefs news from across the internet. Enjoy!

Jamie Squire

Smith Extension Was Always The Goal from The Mothership

Chiefs general manager John Dorsey spoke of Smith after practice on Monday.

"He doesn't panic," Dorsey said. "He's flat-lined. In critical situations, you like guys that make really good decisions. Just watching him around his teammates and how much his teammates like him-that speaks volumes because guys go to him. To me, that's a natural thing for that position to have but that quality is very few and far between in certain people."

Dorsey went on to explain that keeping Smith in Kansas City long-term was a decision made early on and was always the goal.

9/1 Practice Report from The Mothership

By being selected to the final 53-man roster, Santos replaced veteran Ryan Succop, who was drafted in 2009 and spent five seasons with the Chiefs.

During the kicking competition at camp, Succop mentored Santos despite being in direct competition with him. This kindness allowed Santos to thrive, something he admitted he was extremely grateful for.

"Having that great friendship here, it made the process easy," Santos said of Succop's guidance. "He's a good professional and a great kicker, so he taught me routines in the game day and how to read the wind here in Arrowhead [and] other places that we play.

"It was a great experience to have him. I'm going to miss having that kind of friend and kicker to look up to."

Chiefs 53-Man Roster, Practice Squad Broken Down from The Mothership

Running Back - Roster (6) Practice Squad (2)

The entire Chiefs offense is centered around this position-namely because of Jamaal Charles, one of the most explosive players in the NFL. After leading the Chiefs in both rushing and receiving yards last year, Charles returns for his second season in Andy Reid's offense.

Knile Davis, De'Anthony Thomas, Cyrus Gray and Joe McKnight round out the rest of the backfield for the Chiefs.

The guy blocking for all of these running backs will once again be fullback Anthony Sherman, who was rated as the best fullback in the NFL last season according to Pro Football Focus.

Practice squad (Charcandrick WestJordan Campbell)

John Dorsey Press Discusses Roster from The Mothership

OPENING STATEMENT: "Morning, guys. How are you doing? It's been a long three days in the process with in terms of putting together the 53-man roster, trying to shore up the practice squad, kind of reviewing all the team's other players in these three days, and also on top of that, there's the signing of Alex Smith. I think it's a great day for the franchise, whenever you can secure a player like Alex, there's some stability there. There's a lot of things to be said with regards to this with Clark Hunt's leadership, Trip MacCracken and Brandt Tilis for all of their tireless work and the whole personnel staff in terms of evaluating all of the players and then putting this roster together. And it's a good thing now because we get to play football here in like six days. With that, I'll take your questions."

Andy Reid Press Conference from The Mothership

Q: Are you counting on Mike McGlynn for that left guard spot?

REID: "Yeah, Mike has a lot of experience in this league, he knows the offense. He was with me in Philadelphia for a few years there. He can play both guard and center for you which ups his value there. He's a good football player, and he got a little work in the other night in Green Bay and did a nice job."

Alex Smith Discusses Contract from The Mothership

Q: You've made money in your career, how much of this contract was just about respect in comparison to your peers?

SMITH: "For me, it was about something fair both ways. As a quarterback, you certainly don't want to hamstring your team in any way because - I know this more than anyone - you rely so heavily on those playmakers around you. You certainly don't want to do anything like that, but at the same time, you do want something that's fair. It's tough, trying to find out what that is. Everybody is different. You look at the market and quarterbacks and this and that, but everybody is different, every situation is different. There is a lot that goes into it and I think that's why it did take a little while, but hopefully we got it right."

Cairo Santos Meets the Media from The Mothership

Q: Is this big news in Sao Paulo?

SANTOS: "Yeah, everyone is freaking out."

Q: Do you have any family here?

SANTOS: "No. All of my family is in Brazil. When I step on the field, I'll be the first Brazilian to ever play in the NFL. That's something people love down there. Football is growing a lot in Brazil. It's great to represent my country and be a part of it." Photo Gallery: 9/1 Practice Video: Practice Report: 9/1 Video: Press Conference 9/1: Albert Wilson Video: Press Conference 9/1: Daniel Sorenson Video: Press Conference 9/1: Dustin Colquitt Video: Press Conference 9/1: Cairo Santos Video: Press Conference 9/1: John Dorsey Video: Press Conference 9/1: Andy Reid Video: Press Conference 9/1: Alex Smith Video: Chiefs: Contenders Or Pretenders? Video: Is Alex Smith The Most Underrated QB? Video: NFL NOW: Alex Smith's New Contract In Kansas City Video: Reaction To Alex Smith's New Contract

Chiefs Rib Smith Over Big Payday from KC Star via The Wichita Eagle

The Chiefs' quarterback was already a rich man before his four-year, $68 million contract extension was announced Sunday. But tell that to his teammates, who started harassing their good-natured leader from the moment he entered the team's training facility Monday.

"Oh yeah, that's part of the deal," Smith said. "You better be ready to wear it when you walk in. Everybody (gets on you), the whole team."

And the guys had no shortage of material.

"Well, everybody wants a loan. They want to borrow some money," Smith recalled with a chuckle. "(I'm paying for) lots of dinners, you're hearing that. ... (They're saying) no one's going to pick up the check again with me.

"There are already plans of making my locker into ‘The Bank of Alex. They're putting a little ATM machine up in my locker."

Chiefs Hold Initial Regular-Season Practice With Stability At Quarterback from Chiefs Spin

The Chiefs on Monday returned to the field for the first regular-season practice, albeit a short session lasting a little more than an hour.

"It's great to have our team together here and have an opportunity the last couple of days to work with them," coach Andy Reid said. "We know we have a big challenge ahead with Tennessee and we look forward to that preparation starting on Wednesday."

The Chiefs are off Tuesday before returning full-go on Wednesday with a view to Sunday's season opener against the Titans at Arrowhead Stadium.

Armed With New Deal, Chiefs QB Alex Smith Looks Forward from The Associated Press via FS Kansas City

It wasn't long after his arrival, either, that Smith expressed his desire to sign a long-term deal to remain in Kansas City.

The 2005 No. 1 overall pick hardly hurt his bargaining power on the field.

Taking over a franchise that won two games the previous season, Smith threw for a career-best 3,313 yards with 23 touchdowns and only seven interceptions, even while skipping a meaningless regular-season finale. He led Kansas City to a 9-0 start, an 11-5 record and a playoff appearance, throwing for 378 yards and four touchdowns in a 45-44 loss to the Colts.

Once the season was over, the questions about his future began. They were finally answered Sunday night.

Cairo Santos Good Fit As Chiefs New Kicker from ESPN

Cairo Santos learned the rules of football by watching "Madden" on his Xbox. He went undrafted in May, is so youthful that he looks closer to 14 than 22, and on Sunday, he will replace the most accurate kicker in Kansas City history when the Kansas City Chiefs open the season against Tennessee.

When Santos made the team this past weekend, his holder, Dustin Colquitt, figured those were the least of their concerns."

The biggest thing I was worried about," Colquitt said, "was trying to find a jersey and helmet that could fit him.

"Kyle (Crumbaugh, the Chiefs' assistant equipment manager) did a great job getting that thing hemmed up, and he's going to look tight on game day."

Friendship Emerges In Chiefs Kicker Battle Between Cairo Santos, Ryan Succop from Chiefs Spin

It's often said competition brings out the best in a person.

But in the case of kickers Ryan Succop and rookie Cairo Santos, their preseason battle showed the best of both individuals, personally and professionally.

Succop and Santos went head-to-head for the starting job during the summer. And the Chiefs declared Santos the winner after releasing Succop during Saturday's roster cuts to reach the initial 53-man roster.

Timing Of Smith Contract Is Added Bonus from ESPN

Smith is getting paid well enough this year at $8 million to overlook any hassles he might have with his team over contract negotiations. Yet Smith made some uncharacteristic plays in his most recent preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings, forcing two passes in the red zone, each winding up as an interception.

Maybe his contract situation was weighing on him there. Maybe he was just having a bad day. But if the Chiefs have put his mind at ease and he can be a better player for it this season, so much the better.

Alex Smith Gives Chiefs Chance At Super Bowl Run from Sporting News

Good help is hard to find. You often hear that claim from employers in search of suitable labor, and it rings as loud in the NFL as anywhere, if not louder.

In a league dominated by the passing game, it's easy to desire a Mount Rushmore-type quarterback who will put up 4,000 yards each year and set records. But you don't need a Peyton Manning to win a Super Bowl.

Undrafted Free Agents Have A Home On Chiefs' Roster from Chiefs Spin

The Chiefs have a streak heading into the regular season.

Undrafted free agents wide receiver Albert Wilson of Georgia State, strong safety Daniel Sorensen of Brigham Young and kicker Cairo Santos of Tulane made the initial 53-man roster.

And their presence marks the 12th straight season the Chiefs have at least one college free agent on the Week One roster.

Q&A: Is Roster Weaker Than Last Year? from ESPN

I would agree with you at offensive line, where they lost a Pro Bowl player, Branden Albert, and at defensive back, where they lost a pretty good player in Brandon Flowers. Not sure I agree at wide receiver. Let's see what Frankie Hammond can do. One position where they are way ahead of where they were last year is tight end. Travis Kelceis a huge upgrade over Sean McGrath.

Week One Depth Chart Shows Adjustments from Chiefs Spin

The Chiefs released the depth chart Monday afternoon for Sunday's game against the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium.

There are numerous tweaks from the preseason depth charts, including players moving to different positions.

The Chiefs now list rookie running back De'Anthony Thomas at the X position, or split end wide receiver.

NFL 2014 Prediction: Why The Broncos Will Earn Super Bowl Redemption from NESN


*1. Denver Broncos (12-4)

*2. San Diego Chargers (9-7)

3. Kansas City Chiefs (7-9)

4. Oakland Raiders (4-12)

Super Bowl XLVIII proved that the Broncos' offense can be stopped, but this remains Denver's division. After winning four in a row to surge into the playoffs last season, the Chargers are poised for a repeat appearance after adding Donald Brown and getting Malcom Floyd back from injury. Expect the Chiefs' slide to continue into 2014, as they lost three key players on the offensive line this offseason and will play one of the toughest schedules in the league. Derek Carr has shown promise for the Raiders this preseason, but it's tough to expect a rookie to turn a franchise around in one season.

Debate: BYU Up, USU Down and SUU Able from The Spectrum

3 - Which NFL playoff team from a season ago will miss the playoffs this year...?

...For my pick, I'm going to have to go with the Kansas City Chiefs. They were somewhat of a surprise a season ago, and a feel-good story in Andy Reid and Alex Smith's first year.

This year, they face a tougher schedule and Jamal Charles is going to have a hard time running behind an offensive line that is missing a lot of pieces. Locking up Smith to a contract extension should help some, but unless Dwayne Bowe regains his form of a couple of seasons ago, it's not going to matter. I see the Chiefs as more of an 8-8 team this year, and that's not going to get them into the playoffs.

Monday Observations: Getting Cut By Rams Hardly End For Michael Sam from CBS Sports

Breaking down Alex Smith's deal: Plenty of agents and NFL team executives are eager to pull back the onion and assess the entire Alex Smith contract once the entire contract is available though the NFLPA and the NFL Management Council. The devil, as always, will be in the details...

...By Tuesday everything should be available, and I have a hard time believing the Chiefs are not well-protected on the back end of this deal. For Smith, however, whether it's $15M or $17M, it's smart of him to sign up. Leaving Andy Reid wouldn't be good, he's a player the market has been lukewarm to receive in the past (remember, it's not like the Chiefs just tore up his old deal when they acquired him 15 months ago), and he's in the ballpark of what the 2015 franchise tag likely will be, either way. After the turmoil he went through in San Francisco, finding stability in Kansas City made the most sense, and he isn't on any band-aid contract anymore.

Fantasy Fix: The Final (Top 150 Players) Countdown from CSN Washington

Jamaal Charles remains No. 1 overall, but at this point the gap between him and LeSean McCoy and Adrian Peterson is Kevin Durant thin. The Chiefs offensive line looked brutal most of the preseason, but Kansas City doesn't have a deep assortment of weapons like Philadelphia and Minnesota. That means all Charles, all the time.

2014 NFL Playoff Predictions: Cowboys, Titans Will Surprise from CBS Sports

First, it's probably worth noting that since the postseason field expanded to 12 teams in 1990, there have been at least four new teams every year. That's every year for over two decades, so we can pretty much take that as fact at this point.

This means that at least four teams from last year's postseason won't be returning in 2014. So let me be the first to apologize to Chiefs fans, Eagles fans, Chargers fans and Panthers fans. You guys aren't returning to the playoffs -- but I'm sure your season will be fun.

Monday Musings: Preseason Shows Russell Wilson Ready For Higher Level from CBS Sports

Here are five other guys who I think made strides in the preseason:

Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City Chiefs: He had 11 catches for 183 yards, the fifth-highest total of the preseason. He gained 17.5 yards per catch and had two touchdowns. Kelce missed his rookie season in 2013, but he has the look of a future Pro Bowl player.

NFL 2014 Predictions: How Divisions Will Be Won And Who Is Punching A Playoff Ticket from FOX Sports


1. Denver (3): For 42 years, no team that suffered a Super Bowl loss has rebounded to win a championship the following season. The high-powered Broncos have a legitimate shot at ending the streak.

2. San Diego (5): A second-round playoff appearance last season wasn't a fluke. The Chargers will push Denver for AFC West supremacy.

3. Kansas City: Offense usually isn't a concern on an Andy Reid-coached squad. It is for the 2014 Chiefs because of a leaky offensive line and shaky wide receiver corps.

4. Oakland: Whether it's Matt Schaub or Derek Carr at quarterback, the Raiders don't have enough horsepower to compete for a playoff spot.

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