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What 0-2 means for Kansas City Chiefs NFL playoff chances

0-2 means a 12 percent shot at the playoffs for the Chiefs.

Justin Edmonds

Just how big of an upset would it be if the Kansas City Chiefs somehow climbed out of their 0-2 hole and made the playoffs?

Since 1990, only 23 of 198 NFL teams that started the season 0-2 qualified for the playoffs. That's about 12 percent. Since 2007, four of 59 teams who started 0-2 made the playoffs. One of those playoff teams came last season in the Carolina Panthers. The 2007 Giants are the team the Chiefs should be striving to become -- they started 0-2 and won the Super Bowl.

If the Chiefs started out 0-3 that number would drop to 2 percent. Down to 0-4 would be 1 percent, according to NFL history.

If the Chiefs can somehow find a win in Miami this weekend they would double their chances of making the playoffs to 25 percent at 1-2.

The Chiefs upcoming schedule makes it difficult to string together a winning streak. The Patriots and 49ers aren't exactly pushovers, and the Chiefs are even underdogs against the Dolphins this weekend.

These numbers will make the Chiefs upcoming 14-game winning streak all the more sweeter ... right?

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