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Kansas City Chiefs best play came on defense against the Denver Broncos

My favorite play from the Kansas City Chiefs 24-17 loss to the Denver Broncos came from the defense.

The Kansas City Chiefs defense was first exposed last year against Peyton Manning and the pick plays the Denver Broncos often run. The Broncos are really good at executing these plays within the rules (or so at least the refs don't call it).

Facing the biggest defensive play of the game, the Chiefs did an outstanding job to stop one of those routes from Manning and the Broncos. This play came on third down as the Broncos were at the 6-yard line. A touchdown here and the game was effectively over. But if the Chiefs could hold them to a field goal, they would get one last shot (which they did ... let's just forget how this whole thing ended).

On the far right side of the Broncos offense is Julius Thomas (covered by Husain Abdullah), left of him is Demaryius Thomas covered by Marcus Cooper and Emmanuel Sanders, covered by Chris Owens, is the receiver closest to the line.

Owens and Sanders are the ones to keep an eye on here. Note that Owens was up on the line of scrimmage until about a second before the snap when he moved back to where he is in the picture below. He knows what's coming.

Manning takes the snap and immediately looks for Sanders, who is using the picks (or whatever they're called) provided by Julius and Demaryius Thomas. Because Owens moved back at the snap, he is able to go behind the other two receivers rather than getting jumbled up in the middle of them.

Sanders catches the ball just outside the 5-yard line and turns. Owens has done a great job getting to the edge to meet him there. Abdullah also did a nice job breaking off the block from Julius Thomas. Sanders is met with two Chiefs defenders in position to make the play.

The Chiefs quickly collapse on him. Just a great job all around by the Chiefs secondary to make this play.

This is just a small thing in a game the Chiefs lost but I was happy to see it.

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