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Emmanuel Sanders re-visits that time the Chiefs almost signed him in free agency

Remember that time the Chiefs were about to sign free agent WR Emmanuel Sanders before he signed with Denver? Ah, the memories...

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The striking thing about the Kansas City Chiefs Week 1 game against the Tennessee Titans is the quality of receiver play for the Chiefs. As in, it wasn't very good. With Dwayne Bowe suspended, there were players lining up who had no business being a No. 1 receiver (Donnie Avery), hadn't made an NFL catch (Frankie Hammond) or who had very limited experience (Junior Hemingway).

After an offseason in which Chiefs fans repeatedly said the team needed to add talent at receiver, the Chiefs trotted out that group in Week 1. It was disappointing but it wasn't for a lack of effort. For anyone who says the Chiefs are not concerned about their receivers, we remind you of the Emmanuel Sanders pursuit.

Sanders, the former Steelers receiver, was a free agent this March. The Chiefs brought him into Kansas City for a visit and believed they had a deal done in principle. The Chiefs accused Sanders agent of shopping the Chiefs offer to other teams, including the Broncos, who ultimately ended up signing him to a 3-year contract.

"It was close," Sanders said of his negotiations with the Chiefs, via quotes from the Broncos. "We still had a lot of stuff we have to do in terms of incentives. We had the foundation of the contract ready but I wasn't happy with the incentives. That whole ordeal, it was close but it wasn't anything official. They tried to make it seem like it was official but it never was."

The Chiefs obviously disagree with that; Sanders agent defended himself publicly. Plenty of agents took the time to crap on Sanders agent, who they indicated has a reputation. (Agents talking shit on other agents? Noooo)

"I felt like I was a better fit here in Denver and it's obvious," Sanders said. "They throw the football."

There is no doubt Sanders has created enemies in Kansas City.

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