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Andy Reid was asked about Ray Rice and Michael Vick today

Chiefs coach Andy Reid was asked about Ray Rice at his media session.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone already knows about the situation surrounding Ray Rice and his wife.

I was interested to hear Andy Reid's take on this because he is known as someone who gives second chances after the Michael Vick situation a few years ago. Reid was asked by a reporter today what made him decide he was OK with bringing in someone who had Vick's history.

"I'm focused on the Denver Broncos and not Ray Rice's situation right this moment," Reid said, "but we talked to the team about it and addressed it there, which is important.

"As far as Michael's situation, it was a bit of a different situation. However, I felt as long as they go through the repentance process and do those things that are need there in certain cases people should be given a second chance. That's what America is, as long as they learn from the first situation."

Reid was asked further about the Chiefs policies surrounding situations like this but he said he's not going to get into all of that and he's focused on the Broncos.

The Chiefs obviously have a terrible memory of domestic violence with the Jovan Belcher tragedy less than two years ago.

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