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Kansas City Chiefs' Alex Smith says he wanted a contract that was fair

KC Chiefs QB Alex Smith spoke to the media following news of his contract extension.

Jamie Squire

Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith inked a 4-year contract extension on Sunday and spoke to the media after Chiefs practice on Monday. Smith said that he wanted a contract that was fair -- to both sides.

"As a quarterback, you certainly don't want to hamstring your team in any way," Smith said Monday (via audio from 610 Sports). "Your rely so heavily on those playmakers around you so you certainly don't want to do anything like that but at the same time you do want something that's fair. It's tough trying to figure out what that is. Everyone is different. You look at the market and other quarterbacks, but every situation is different. A lot goes into it which is why I think it took a while. But hopefully they got it right."

As a quarterback, you certainly don't want to hamstring your team in any way -Alex Smith

Smith said while the quarterback market does matter, he wasn't sitting around analyzing other quarterbacks deals.

"It's funny, you hear all these reports but all that stuff is confidential anyway and you don't know what's true and what's not to be totally honest with you," he said. "You hear the rumors here and there but you have no idea what the actual language is."

As usual, it was a deadline that got the deal done. Smith said that he wanted to get the contract done before the regular season, although he never publicly said there was a drop dead date to end contract talks.

"I think that's pretty normal in contracts," Smith said of getting something done at a so-called deadline. "Things start moving and you find middle ground. That's kind of what it was all about, especially this last week."

Now that Smith's deal is done, the focus turns to the Tennessee Titans in Week 1 (and Justin Houston).

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