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Poll results: Kansas City Chiefs fans approve of Alex Smith's new contract

Checking out the results of our Alex Smith contract extension approval poll.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Despite some of the criticism you've heard publicly (lookin' at you, Twitter), most Kansas City Chiefs fans approve of the 4-year, $68 million extension given to quarterback Alex Smith.

When the deal first came out, it seemed there were plenty of people who did not like Smith's new contract for various reasons. Apparently those people are not voting in our poll. With nearly 4,000 votes, this is how our Alex Smith contract approval poll has turned out:

Perhaps those who are not fans of the deal are just more vocal because it feels like there are more people out there who disagree with the decision.

One thing, not about Alex Smith specifically, that I like: The Chiefs are investing a lot into the quarterback position, the most important position in sports. In general, I like the idea of investing in quarterbacks -- not only the big money ones, but the Tyler Brays and Aaron Murrays too.

Find more reactions to Smith's deal here.

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