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That wedding proposal at Arrowhead Stadium is a fake

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"You can have your wedding at Arrowhead. So why not propose at Arrowhead too?"

That was my lede for this story of a man who proposed to his girlfriend at the Chiefs-Bengals game Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium. A beautiful moment between two lovers ... with pictures! What a story.

Except that's not the story here. The girl has a boyfriend. And it's not the Chiefs fan in the pictures below. The "Arrowhead concourse wedding proposal" story is (unfortunately) a fake.

Here's how it started

Some websites saw a tweet from a user who claimed to have caught a moment in the Arrowhead concourse.

I saw this tweet, too. Because I spend my entire day on the Internet, my BS meter is high. I was skeptical. So I reached out to the guy.

The investigation


The girl didn't even know the guy!


It's actually kinda funny

The end