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Kansas City Chiefs are 7-0 in the preseason against the Cincinnati Bengals

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Too bad the Chiefs aren't undefeated in games that matter.

Jamie Squire

The Kansas City Chiefs own the Cincinnati Bengals. A dominating 7-0 record against Cincinnati, the Chiefs are almost guaranteed to win Thursday's preseason opener against the Bengals.

Oh wait. We're talking about practice preseason. The Chiefs do own a 7-0 all-time preseason record against the Bengals, which is kinda cool (thanks to the Chiefs PR department for that stat). Oddly, this will be the seventh of the eight games between the two teams that opens the preseason. Also odd.

The Chiefs and Bengals played a preseason game in Jackson, Mississippi in 1969. Later that regular season, they played each other twice and split those two games.

Their last preseason meeting came on August 7, 1988 (34-21 Chiefs).

Chiefs-Bengals all-time records

Regular season:  13-14

Postseason: Never met

at Arrowhead: 6-7

Preseason: 7-0