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'The Hali Llama': A list of Kansas City Chiefs fantasy football names

Mike Ehrmann

Last year we asked you for your best Kansas City Chiefs fantasy football team names. I went through that list and came up with these, which are excellent. Well done, comments section.

Starting off with a few classics, and then a bunch I've never heard before:

  • Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe
  • Charles in Charge
  • Doreidos
  • Make it Dwayne on dem Bowe's
  • The Hali Llama
  • Here Comes Honey Bowe Bowe
  • Grbac to the Future
  • Jamaalin' me crazy??
  • Too legit to Colquitt
  • Shut the succop!
  • Singing in Dwayne?
  • Consider Me Knile Davis
  • Avery Damn Time
  • Sea of Reid
  • Berry, Berry, Quite Dontari
  • Glengarry Glenn Dorsey
  • Jamaal Day Long
  • I'm your huckleBerry
  • Hali Berry's TDs
  • Colquitt while your ahead
  • You don't know Poe
  • Tou-be Continued
  • KC Chiefs R Us
  • Hali Hali Oxen Free
  • Reid's BooweBerry Pancakes
  • Jamaal's Dash n Andy's Stache
  • Kniley and Cyrus
  • Blitz Berry Crunch
  • 50 shades of Bray
  • The Knile-High Club
  • Fury of the Knile
  • Chiefs without a Cassel
  • Dontari's Toe
  • Kids in the Hali
  • The Midwest Knile Virus
  • Charles And The Touchdown Factory
  • Reid Option
  • Berry the hatchet
  • KCMasterPriest
  • Dante's Haulin Oates
  • Reid 'em & Weep
  • He. Could. Go. Jamaal. The. Way.
  • Sutton funny is going on here
  • Chef Bowe R Dee
  • Hungry HipPoe
  • The Pillsbury Poeboys
  • Tommy Bahama Collectors Club
  • Louie Aguiar's mustache
  • Husain in the Membrane

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