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Over / under Jamaal Charles touches in preseason Week 1: 5.5

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

In last year's preseason opener the Kansas City Chiefs started off with a 14-play scoring drive, a terrific start to the Andy Reid-Alex Smith union. Also on that drive we realized just how important Jamaal Charles would be with eight touches and a touchdown on 14 plays.

This year, the Chiefs don't need Charles to prove that he can handle the offense. He did that last year. They don't need to give him the ball eight times in the first quarter. They really don't even need to give it to him at all. He's one of those players that probably doesn't even need the preseason games to be ready (yeah, he's kind of a freak).

For the Chiefs Thursday night preseason opener against the Cincinnati Bengals, I have placed the over / under on Charles' touches at 5.5. (Bets through the bank of Arrowhead Pride, which only takes deposits.) Something like 2-3 carries and / or 1-2 receptions. It's less than what he had last year, which it should be, but still gets him back into the swing of things.

He could handle more. He could play the entire game and be fine. But why risk it if it's not necessary?

The under looks like a good bet here. Vote in the poll.

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