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Kansas City Chiefs roster is 3rd youngest, Oakland Raiders the oldest

Youth is what's for dinner in Kansas City. Wait, that didn't come out right.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Reid has mentioned more than once last year that the Kansas City Chiefs had one of the youngest lines in football. That will continue in 2014 with a very young offensive line. As it turns out though, the Chiefs entire team is one of the youngest in the league.

Jimmy Kempski at did the math on the average age of each team. In 2012 and 2013, the Chiefs were the eighth youngest team. In 2014, the Chiefs are the third youngest team. Isn't that amazing?

Some of the Chiefs oldest players last year were offensive linemen Branden Albert and Geoff Schwartz. They have been replaced by a second-year player (Eric Fisher) and a rookie (Zach Fulton). Offensively, the Chiefs have some veterans but behind those veterans is a lot of young talent (such as tight end and receiver). Defensively, it's similar with a handful of vets but lot and lots of young players behind them. Joe Mays was one of the few veteran additions this offseason that made the Chiefs an older team.

You're always going to be losing veteran players so playing young guys is a necessity. Reid said recently he's never hesitated to play a young player. The sixth and seventh teams on this list -- Packers and Seahawks -- have the John Dorsey connection, which is interesting.

The Rams and Jaguars, both annually in rebuilding years, are the two youngest teams. Meanwhile, the Raiders are the oldest. Even after purging all those bad contracts, the Raiders are still really old. If it weren't the Raiders I would feel sad for them.

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