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De'Anthony Thomas' jersey number will be 13

We finally have an official jersey number for De'Anthony Thomas.

Jamie Squire

Kansas City Chiefs rookie De'Anthony Thomas will be wearing No. 13 this season for the Chiefs. He was wearing No. 1 ever since he was drafted by the Chiefs last May.

DAT's jersey number became of interest because of the NFL's rules on jersey numbers. Running backs are supposed to be numbered 20-49 while receivers can be 10-19 and 80-89. DAT's jersey number of 1 would have classified him as a quarterback, kicker or punter, which he obviously is not.

No. 13 would mean the Chiefs are classifying him as a receiver ... which doesn't really matter. Except for jersey purposes. The Chiefs can still use him however they want.

If you remember, Dexter McCluster was No. 22, a running back number, despite later becoming more of a receiver for the Chiefs.

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