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Stats: Ryan Succop vs. Cairo Santos in Kansas City Chiefs kicking battle

The final stats on the KC Chiefs kicking battle between Ryan Succop and Cairo Santos.

John Konstantaras

The decision on the Kansas City Chiefs kicker will be coming soon. The KC Chiefs are cutting down to 53 players at which point we are expecting to see the Chiefs release either Cairo Santos or Ryan Succop, the two Chiefs kickers who have been competing throughout camp.

I should note that it's been reported the Chiefs could hang onto two kickers. That's really unlikely but it's possible they do hang onto one of the kickers briefly while trying to trade them. Just trying to explain why it's possible but unlikely they both make it through cut downs on Saturday.

Both kickers seem to be really even. Of course Kansas City would've preferred more field goal opportunities in these last two games in order to get a better gauge of where each player is at but they both had opportunities throughout camp and the preseason.

Most Chiefs fans would say that if all things are equal, go with the cheaper player. That would be Santos in this case. Succop though has more experience and more tape so it wouldn't be a stunner if the Chiefs went with him.

Here's a look at the final stats on the kicker battle. Pretty even, huh?

Cairo Santos Ryan Succop
Games 4 3
Kickoffs 11 8
Touchbacks 3 5
Kickoff yards 662 526
Extra points 5 4
Field goals 3 3
Field goal attempts 3 3
Field goal long 44 54
Points 14 13

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