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Grade the Kansas City Chiefs 2014 preseason

What's your grade for the KC Chiefs on their 2014 preseason schedule?

John Konstantaras

Week 1Cincinnati Bengals (Chiefs win 41-39)
Week 2: at Carolina Panthers (Chiefs lose 28-16)
Week 3Minnesota Vikings (Chiefs lose 30-12)
Week 4: at Green Bay Packers (Chiefs lose 34-14)

Was this a good preseason or bad preseason for the Kansas City Chiefs? I'm not one to make too much of the preseason but this definitely feels more like a bad preseason.

The Chiefs won one of their four preseason games, the very first one against Cincinnati. The Chiefs have scored 83 points in four preseason and gave up 131. Their offense looked bad at times and so did the defense so this wasn't just one culprit. The special teams units gave up a couple of big returns. Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe, Eric Berry and Tamba Hali have all dealt with injuries.

We heard Dwayne Bowe and Donald Stephenson would be suspended in consecutive weeks. Two offensive linemen signed in the last month could be legitimate o-line contributors. The Chiefs can easily turn things around in the regular season when the normal offense goes into effect.

One very positive note is Travis Kelce -- 11 catches, 193 yards in the preseason. This could be a very, very big development for the Chiefs offense.

So what's your grade for the Chiefs preseason?

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