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Chiefs team bus involved in minor accident in Green Bay

One child has a minor head laceration but everyone else is fine.

Joe Robbins

Here's a story you don't read every day: The Kansas City Chiefs team bus involved in an accident after arriving in Green Bay on Wednesday. This according to a report from WBAY in Wisconsin.

Police say a vehicle headed northbound entered the intersection and collided with one of the buses.

Three children and two adults were in the other vehicle. Police say the children were not restrained properly and one of them was taken to the hospital with a minor head laceration.

Luckily, that descriptive word was "minor" and nobody else was hurt.

I have two personal tales to relate to this:

1.) Mrs. Arrowhead Pride and I were in a car crash a couple of weeks ago. I hit my head slightly somewhere on the car at impact and had a little cut in the top of my head (if you're about 30 years old, it's that part of your hair in the top right of your head that is oddly starting to move back farther and farther as the years go on). I had my wits about me, remember the whole thing and never had any headaches so I do not think I suffered my first concussion.

2.) I have gotten stuck behind the opposing team buses on my way into Arrowhead a few times. There are police escorts around and they're huge buses so you can't miss what's going on. I'd be curious what the accident details were here.

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