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Jamaal Charles not worried about Chiefs o-line: 'These guys are going to come around'

The offensive line seems to be the big concern for the Kansas City Chiefs right now but no one told Jamaal Charles.

Jed Jacobsohn

So, why was Jamaal Charles allowed to carry his own stuff out of his training camp dorm which then caused him to have a "freak accident" and come away with a minor foot injury?

"I grew up and did everything on my own, so I didn't want anybody to help me," Jamaal said Tuesday (via quotes from the Chiefs). "I didn't care to ask anybody. I brought it in by myself; I'll take it out by myself."

Charles carried the ball three times and caught two passes for a total of five touches this preseason. Is that enough? Of course it is, Jamaal said.

"I've been in the league for a long time. I've had plenty of carries before. Having three carries in preseason doesn't make me because it doesn't count. The real games count, Week 1 against Tennessee is the one I'm worried about."

Another thing Jamaal is not worried about: the Chiefs offensive line.

"With Coach Andy in control of this offense and what he can do, it doesn't worry me at all." -Jamaal Charles

"I don't have any worries about that. Those guys are going to come around. It's just preseason and they need to get all the reps they can. It's going to hit reality when the first game gets here and the crowd, it's packed out and their adrenaline is going to be going and they're going to be pumped."

I can buy that he's not very worried. Jamaal seems to be o-line proof in that it doesn't matter what kind of offensive line you put in front of him, he's going to produce. His numbers with good and bad offensive lines over the last five years demonstrate this. In other words, Jamaal's gonna get his.

Asked if he was concerned about the offense not scoring a single touchdown in 16 preseason possessions, Charles said, "No, that doesn't concern me. With Coach Andy in control of this offense and what he can do, it doesn't worry me at all."

I guess if Jamaal isn't worried then neither am I. (OK, that's a lie. I'm still worried.)

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