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NFL roster cuts 2014: Kansas City Chiefs need help at these 4 positions

With hundreds of players getting released in NFL roster cut downs this week, here are four positions the Kansas City Chiefs need to keep an eye on.

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The Kansas City Chiefs have reportedly informed two players of their release and will inform 13 more of their release by Tuesday at 3 p.m. to go from 90 to 75 players as part of the NFL's roster cut downs. On Saturday, August 30, the Chiefs will be cutting down to 53 players.

Not only will the Chiefs be making cuts but everyone other team in the NFL will too. That means there are going to be a LOT of free agents hitting the market this week. Here are a few positions the Chiefs need to watch closely this week. Drop yours in the comments below.

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1. Inside linebacker

The Chiefs lost starting linebacker Joe Mays for an undetermined amount of time but it's not expected to be a short period of time. His wrist injury required surgery. The Chiefs signed Mays this offseason despite already having Nico Johnson, a 2013 fourth round pick, on the roster. The Chiefs this offseason also signed Josh Mauga, who jumped ahead of Johnson on the depth chart. Mauga has been dealing with an injury and didn't play in the third preseason game. So the Chiefs very well could be looking for a new starter here.

2. Offensive tackle

Sort of like linebacker, the Chiefs need help at the start of the season, possibly even a starting-caliber player, with Donald Stephenson's four-game suspension. The Chiefs are still in experimentation mode with Jeff Allen starting at right tackle last weekend. Besides Allen, Ryan Harris looks like the best option for the Chiefs at right tackle. They should be looking for potential starting tackles as well as tackles that could serve as a backup. Any potential starter has to be better than Allen and / or Harris at tackle. I should also note that left tackle Eric Fisher missed a few games last year. Seems likely the Chiefs will need that third offensive tackle.

3. Safety / cornerback

Here's the thing: everyone is looking for good corners and safeties. With so many great passing teams, the secondary is one of those positions that is always going to be in demand. Unfortunately, the corners and safeties that hit the market at this time of year are usually flawed -- either they're not all that great to begin with or they're very high priced. The market puts them in demand and makes them pricier than perhaps what they're worth. Still, I wouldn't mind the Chiefs adding a veteran safety to the mix.

4. Receiver

This is further down on my list because it takes the right type of receiver for the Chiefs, who will need someone familiar with the high verbiage of Andy Reid's West Coast Offense. If someone is not familiar with that offense, it's a tough sell to bring him in late August and have him ready to contribute early on. The Chiefs did express an interest in receiver Emmanuel Sanders this offseason so it would not surprise me if they showed interest in somebody.

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