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Kansas City Chiefs first team offense has 0 touchdowns in 16 preseason drives

Drive-by-drive look at the Chiefs first team offense, which is 0-for-16 on touchdowns.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs sure hope there is no correlation between preseason performance and regular season performance. The Chiefs first team offense led by Alex Smith has scored a whopping zero touchdowns in the 2014 preseason.

The Chiefs first team offense has had 16 drives so far in the preseason. Here's the breakdown on them:

Punt (9)
Field goal (4)
Turnover (3)
Touchdown (0)

Five of those nine punts are 3-and-outs. Two of the Chiefs three turnovers came in the red zone. 3rd-and-long has been a particular problem as you'd expect.

There's one very big caveat here. Jamaal Charles played in just the first game against the Bengals. He hasn't played in the other two. As you know, Charles has a chance to be an MVP candidate so he's a pretty damn important player. It's impossible to fully evaluate the Chiefs offense without Charles.

Here's the drive-by-drive look.

Bengals game

1. Punt. 3-and-out.

2. Fumble.

3. Field goal. Couldn't pick up a 3rd-and-2 from the 9-yard line.

Panthers game

4. Field goal. Drive stalled on a 3rd-and-14 following holding penalty.

5. Punt.

6. Field goal. Drive stalled on 3rd-and-14.

7. Punt. Drive stalled on 3rd-and-9.

8. Punt. Drive stalled on 3rd-and-29.

Vikings game

9. Punt.

10. Punt. 3-and-out.

11. Interception in the red zone. Big pass interference play got them down there.

12. Interception in the red zone.

13. Field goal. 13-play drive got them down to the 3-yard line. Chiefs picked up three third down conversions on this drive, their longest of the preseason.

14. Punt. 3-and-out.

15. Punt. 3-and-out.

16. Punt. 3-and-out.

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