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Matt Cassel does not get booed by Chiefs fans

If you had no boos for Matt Cassel in the pool, you're a winner.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Cassel was not booed in his Saturday night return to Arrowhead for the Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings game. Instead there was ... no reaction. I'm sure some people were booing but I couldn't hear it.

Cassel entered the field for the Vikings first drive at the 3-yard line. He walked on the field during the commercial break and there was really no response from fans. I'm guessing that's because it was just preseason. Hard to get up for that.

Cassel handled the postgame scrum as professionally as you'd expect.

"Like I said I had a great experience here," Cassel said. "All three of my children were born here, I love Kansas City, and we still have a lot of friends here. At the same time, football sometimes just doesn't always work out the way you want it to there's a multitude of reasons behind that, and I wish that we could have changed a lot of that, mainly the outcome of just winning more ball games."

Cassel was 9-of-17 for 152 yards and one touchdown and one interception in the game. The highlight was the 53-yard touchdown to Cordarrelle Patterson on the opening drive.

"Honestly, I have no ill will whatsoever toward Kansas City or anything that happened here," Cassel said.

I always expected Cassel to handle this well no matter what happened. I thought Chiefs fans might've been more vocalin his return but you can't blame them for taking it down a notch during preseason.

OK, no more Cassel articles until the Chiefs play the Vikings in 2015.

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