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How young is too young for the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line?

The Kansas City Chiefs will have one of the youngest offensive lines next season. How do the youngest offensive lines usually do?

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We continue on with our Q&A with Football Outsiders' Scott Kacsmar. If you missed it, the first one was on Jamaal Charles' usage, the second one was on the Chiefs turnover ratio and the third one was Dee Ford's value as a Justin Houston or Tamba Hali replacement.

Today's question is on a topic we have spent much time discussing lately -- the offensive line. The Chiefs are going to once again have one of the youngest offensive lines in the league. 25-year old Rodney Hudson looks like the elder statesman on the line. I asked Scott how the youngest offensive lines generally fare. Here's what he said:

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"It's almost scary how young this line is," Scott Kacsmar (@FO_ScottKacsmar) wrote. "If Zach Fulton wins the right guard job, this line has five guys who will be 23-26 this year. Based on our Week 1 projected starters since 2000, offenses with an average offensive line under the age of 25.5 have averaged 1.4 percent DVOA with a rank of 15.7. If the median age is 25, then those offenses averaged -2.0 percent DVOA with a rank of 17.1.

"So that's mediocre, but keep in mind the 2013 Chiefs had 3.0 percent DVOA and ranked 15th. They get dinged a bit for playing the easiest schedule of defenses last year. With some improvements in the division and the NFC West on the schedule, expect that to change this year.

"The attention will rightfully go to Eric Fisher replacing Branden Albert at left tackle. Fisher was unheralded for a No. 1 overall pick, and he did not chart well last year at all in our numbers as a right tackle. If he's still struggling, I'm not sure where the veteran experience will shine through on this line due to the inexperience this youth presents."

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