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Dee Ford says his mom doesn't understand the grind, but his dad does

A great quote from Chiefs rookie Dee Ford.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Dee Ford is quickly turning into one of the best interviews on the Kansas City Chiefs roster. Perusing the transcripts from Saturday's Chiefs camp session, I saw this gem from Ford.

Ford was asked how often he checks in with his mom and dad.

"My mama is mad at me because I am not even talking to her. I said, ‘Mom, I'm grown now. I can't talk to you every day,'" Ford said Saturday via the Chiefs.

"But they'll be alright. I've been seeing them, they have been around for long - this whole journey from the Senior Bowl, National Championship, all of that, to the draft process. We've all been close - the whole family. We still talk. But not right now.

"This is a grind. Moms don't understand the grind. My dad, he gets it. But my mama doesn't."

There's a similar dynamic in my house. Mrs. Arrowhead Pride doesn't understand the blogging grind I'm going through during training camp. She does understand that I don't talk to her as much during this month.

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