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5 takeaways from Chiefs-Panthers preseason game, according to Andy Reid

Besides Eric Fisher and all those penalties, Andy Reid had a few more takeaways from the Kansas City Chiefs Week 2 preseason loss to the Carolina Panthers.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Screen game needs work

"Our screen game needed to be better," Reid said. "That's always been plus for us and we were in the minus numbers on our screen game."

I am guessing a guy named Jamaal Charles, who did not play, factors into this. Just a hunch though.

Good job containing Cam Newton

"Playing against Cam [Newton], I thought we were very disciplined in our pass rush lanes," Reid said. "When he had an opportunity where he needed to run we were in good position there to keep him hemmed in and put pressure on him and ended up with a couple sacks."

More pass rush needed

"We have to do a better job with our four-man rush and being able to put pressure on the quarterback with that. On the other side of that, I thought we did a nice job with the blitz game."

DAT did more this week

Reid said De'Anthony Thomas had an opportunity to break a big one on a return but wasn't able to do it. Reid said they moved DAT around more this week than they did last week. He played 12 snaps in the game.

The third preseason game

The Chiefs play the Vikings on Saturday for their third preseason game. Reid said they'll continue using their basic offense and defense but won't give too much away. They'll treat this like a regular season game week but with Tuesday being Wednesday, Wednesday being Thursday and so on.

It's Game Time.

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