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The best of the Kansas City Chiefs assistant coaches talking to the media

A few quotes from the KC Chiefs assistant coaches talked to the media.

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The Kansas City Chiefs assistant coaches talked to the media today, the second to last day of training camp. Chiefs running backs coach Eric Bieniemy had a great answer when he was asked how he came about to coaching with Andy Reid.

"Obviously, it's a very long relationship," Bieniemy said, via quotes from the Chiefs. "Me and Coach Reid, our paths have crossed for years. He's a Southern California guy, with me growing up a portion of my life in southern Cal we've known each other.

"His claim to fame and what he'll always bring up is the fifth down incident (1990 game between Colorado and Missouri). He was on that coaching staff, and I like to say ‘we (Colorado) only had four downs, we spiked it on the fourth down'.

"I played for Coach Reid in Philly - me, Doug Pederson, Al Harris. This is why our chemistry is so good; Coach Childress was the quarterbacks coach that first year, Coach Culley was our receivers coach, Coach (Tommy) Brasher was the defensive line coach. This is a familiar area, this is a family atmosphere.

"When the opportunity came about, Coach Reid reached out to me. He knew my predicament, and he gave me an opportunity. Who wouldn't cherish that opportunity to work for the Big Red."

Big Red is right.

Here are some of the other good quotes from the Chiefs assistant coaches (quotes via the Chiefs). Watch video of these interviews here.

Chiefs WR coach David Culley on WR Dwayne Bowe

"He's in the best shape he's been in from here. I know from last year this is completely different. When he came back from the offseason he was in great shape. At 30, that's a mindset kind of thing. There are old 30s and there are young 30s - which 30 do you want to be? Right now, when he came back, he came back as a young 30. That's what you have to do if you want to play in this league for a long time."

Chiefs OL coach Andy Heck on G Zach Fulton

"Last year we really looked at Donald as if he's a starter." -Chiefs OL coach Andy Heck

"I wouldn't say surprised, the guy came from a quality program and he's played against first rounders week in and week out there in the SEC, and he's had some great coaching along the way. So, he's a guy who's got football knowledge, football IQ, and on top of that, the thing that we like about him is that he's a hard worker."

Chiefs OL coach Andy Heck on OT Donald Stephenson

"Last year we really looked at Donald as if he's a starter, he's a guy that we counted on a lot, we knew that we needed him, and we did. I think he had seven starts last year, and now he's working to get better."

Chiefs QB coach Matt Nagy on QB Tyler Bray

"I would agree with coach, Tyler's made big time strides mentally. He came in a little different than Aaron (Murray) when he (Tyler Bray) was at Tennessee. He (Tyler Bray) was all signals, he wasn't calling plays in the huddle, so to be able to grow from last year to this point now, he's made leaps and bounds.  And I'm proud of him for that, he's done a really good job at that. He's transferring that onto the field, last year it was super-fast to him on the field, this year it's slowing down and he's able to make the throws."

Chiefs TE coach Tom Melvin on TE Travis Kelce

"Well that is why they call them their moneymakers. They're guys that can kind of play through a broken finger or bad shoulder but when your legs start to go on you, if you can't go full speed. That's kind of the difference and you saw now, he is roaring."

Chiefs TE coach Tom Melvin on TE Anthony Fasano

"A lot of our guys pick up that work ethic from Tamba. Josh [Martin] is obviously one of those guys." -Chiefs LB coach Gary Gibbs

"We threw a touchdown down here to Junior (Hemingway) on a shallow cross coming the other way. It was a touchdown because of what Fasano did on the other side. He was able to grab two guys in coverage by the way he set them up. He is such a headsy player, he is phenomenal for us. He is really the glue not only in our room, but he kind of keeps that whole huddle going because he is a grizzled veteran, he's very smart, and he's got great composure. You don't see ups and downs with him, he is steady all the time and that is very good for a young group."

Chiefs DB coach Emmitt Thomas on the second preseason game

"Get better at the line of scrimmage and our coverage. We played a little lax in the first game. (We didn't) really get on top of the receivers. This game, we're going to press a lot and get them on top of the receivers."

Chiefs LB coach Gary Gibbs on LB Tamba Hali

"Well, it tells me that he wants to be a good football player. Tamba does a great job with all those younger players, and Tamba's a great worker in the offseason. A lot of our guys pick up that work ethic from Tamba. Josh is obviously one of those guys."

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