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Kansas City Chiefs are becoming a faster team under Andy Reid and John Dorsey

Look at the Chiefs compared to where they were in 2009. They're a much faster team now.

Jamie Squire

I remember when GM Scott Pioli came to Kansas City, he talked about what a slow team the Chiefs were before he got there.

"We needed to upgrade our team speed, because I think when we first got there it was certainly the slowest football team I've been a part of," Pioli said in 2011. "Not just on offense, not just on defense, but on special teams (too)."

Five years later (minus Pioli), the Chiefs finally appear to be have a faster team.

In the backfield, Jamaal Charles and De'Anthony Thomas are two of the fastest players on the team. Donnie Avery has speed on the outside as well as young players like AJ Jenkins, Albert Wilson and Frankie Hammond. As AP commenter Koopaztown points out, below, I can't forget Travis Kelce running away from the Bengals defensive backs.

Defensive linemen aren't known for speed but the Chiefs do have some athletic players in Mike Catapano and Allen BaileyJust watch Dee Ford's first step in slow-mo. Almost seems unfair.

Even Alex Smith is the most mobile quarterback the Chiefs have had since Tyler Thigpen.

The Chiefs still need more speed in the backend of the defense. They need Husain Abdullah to show he has the range to cover a lot of ground. Phillip Gaines showed some speed in last week's preseason game.

This doesn't seem like a coincidence with Andy Reid and John Dorsey. Most of these players with more speed were brought in him by them.

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