Predicting the 53

need I say more?


Alex Smith

Chase Daniel

Tyler Bray

Aaron Murray – IR

Alex Smith will be the quaterback this year and play under the franchise tag next year. This allows John Dorsey and Andy Reid 2 seasons to find the next franchise quaterback. Chase Daniel provides a far better chance to win one or two games should Smith go down with any injury, this is Daniel's last season as a Chief. Tyler Bray has too much arm talent to send packing and with Coach Reid guiding him the sky is the limit. Quarterbacks are currency in the NFL and the Chiefs will stash Murray on IR, it will be interesting to see who is our quaterback in two seasons.



Anthony Sherman

Knile Davis


Cyrus Gray has potential to make the team and he might due to his value on special teams, I don’t think he remains eligible for the Practice squad. Charcandrick West will be on the practice squad. Sherman is a bulldozer and I’d take the other 3 in any short distance relay against anybody on the planet.

Wide Receiver 6

Dwayne Bowe

Donnie Avery

Junior Hemingway

AJ Jenkins

Kyle Williams

Frankie Hammond/ Albert Wilson

Dwayne Bowe is a Chief for the next two seasons for financial reasons, period… let’s hope he steps up. Avery has speed for days, though I hope a healthy shoulder means more production this season. Junior Hemingway is a good blocker and has dependable hands, a good change up from typical small slot receivers. AJ oh AJ, harness the potential. Kyle Williams and Frankie Hammond both have a leg up being on the team for the last season but Wilson has looked so good in camp, all would need to focus on special teams. Mark Harrison goes to Practice squad.

Tight End 3

Anthony Fasano

Travis Kelce

Demitrius Harris

There’s really no surprise here. Fasano is a trusted veteran that can be relied upon when healthy. Kelce we all hope is a stud and Harris is a match-up nightmare.

Offensive Line 9

Eric Fisher

Jeff Allen

Rodney Hudson

Zach Fulton

Donald Stephenson

Eric Kush

Ricky Henry

Ryan Harris


Young. Donald Stephenson and Jeff Allen attended offensive line guru, LeCharles Bently's offseason program, the same program that Geoff Schwartz attended last offseason. Look for improved play from those two. Eric Fisher is the left tackle, we know that, and Rodney Hudson is in a contract year, they should step up. Zach Fulton surprised coaches with his football IQ and found himself a starting job. Eric Kush is the backup center and could play guard in a real pinch. Ricky Henry will probably start in two seasons when Allen goes for his paycheck. Ryan Harris will be inactive for most of the season but is a backup tackle with experience. LDT’s measurables are too good to let some other team scoop him up before placing him on the practice squad. So who is the swing tackle if Harris is inactive? Donald Stephenson would slide to the left side if Fisher went down and Allen would be the right tackle with Kush, Henry, and Hudson filling the remaining two spots however the coaches see fit.

Offensive total 25 - – I am excited by every group. Talent, potential, and leadership, in every group . What will the record be after ten games? The offensive line will have gelled by then and the backup receivers will have shown what their made of by that time.

Defensive Line 5

Mike Devito

Dontari Poe

Allen Bailey

Vance Walker

Jaye Howard

Mike Catapano IR designated to return

Mike DeVito claims to be in better shape so we can hope for a sack or 3. Poe is Poe, we love Poe, go Poe go! Allen Bailey better take advantage of this opportunity or will be out of the league soon. Vance Walker could be part of a rotation with Bailey and Devito but, I believe is primarily on the team to give Poe a few snaps off from time to time. Jaye Howard is healthy now and who else is there, not to mention reports are good. Mike Catapano has been in and out with a mystery virus for going on the 4th week, he is not in football shape.

Linebackers 9

Tamba Hali

Derrick Johnson

Joe Mays

Justin Houston

Dee Ford

James-Michael Johnson ***

Josh Martin

Nico Johnson

Josh Mauga

The guts of the special teams and the best group of linebackers in the NFL. Tamba Hali will be used up front in sub packages and continue his glory. DJ will lead the team in tackles, 115+ easy. Joe Mays brings intensity and pop. Justin Houston will be paid soonish and show us why he is worth top dollar. Dee Ford is going to be a tremendous force at some point, quick, quick, quick… cant wait to see him develop as an all around linebacker (look at how good #50 is in coverage compared to when he started). Speaking of coverage enter James-Michael Johnson the nickel cover corner this defense has lacked for years, he will get playing time. Josh Martin is another pass rushing specialty guy. Nico Johnson makes the team as a 4 core special teamer despite his lack of defensive snaps. Josh Mauga is a Jets transfer.

Corners 6

Sean Smith

Marcus Cooper

Ron Parker

Phillip Gaines

Chris Owens

Roster Addition

Oh boy. Talk about nervous. Sean Smith please step up. Marcus Cooper could be tremendous and could be awful as we all know. Ron Parker receives praises and snaps from practice and Phillip Ganies has all the physical tools. Chris Owens is super quick and hopefully works as our slot corner. Whether it’s a vet or a UDFA the chiefs will add someone here.

Safeties 5

Eric Berry

Husain Abdullah

Malcom Bronson

Daniel Sorenson

Jerron McMillian

Sanders Commings IR

I hope Eric Berry’s heel will heal. Hussain Abdullah is going to impress many fans this season. Malcom Bronson looked quite good in the first preseason game as did Daniel Sorenson. Jerron McMillian may lose out to Steve Gregory in the end. Sanders Comming’s injury is unfortunate I was excited to see him out there, he may be the IR designated to return if the Big Cat isn't

Defensive Total 25 - Applying significant pass rush pressure will be a requirement for this defense to be successful. The corners will battle flags all season and if Eric Berry's injury lingers the back end will be exposed.

Special Teamers3

Dustin Colquitt

Carlos Santos

Thomas Gafford

Dave Toub !!!!

Thomas Gafford is Kendall Gammon-esque. Colquitt is the best punter in the league, Dustin that is. Cario is younger, heathier, and didn’t miss that kick that lost week 17 last year. Dave Toub… he’s the man!!!

I put stars next to JMJ because he is my impact player of the year. 4 Core special teamer and cover linebacker. JMJ's cover ability will enable Eric Berry to be the play making roamer we all want him to be.

We just beat the hell outta you!!!! You, you, you, you, you!!!

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