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Chiefs' Eric Berry injured, has tendinitis in his heel

Chiefs S Eric Berry left Tuesday's practice early with what Chiefs coach Andy Reid called tendinitis in his heel.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We all freaked out a couple of weeks ago when Eric Berry left the Kansas City Chiefs practice field with a heel injury. We are in possible freak-out mode with another Berry injury but this one doesn't see so bad, according to those on the scene.

But later ...

The final diagnosis: Tendinitis in the heel.

"Eric Berry, his heel again was bothering him," Andy Reid said Tuesday, via quotes from the Chiefs. "He put on some ice back there. He works a few days and then if it bothers him a little bit we back off."

Berry did not play in the Chiefs first preseason game despite returning to practice earlier that week. If this is a re-injury of the original heel injury, it makes you wonder if the Chiefs should just sit him for a while. There's not as much of an urgency for a fifth-year Pro Bowler to play in the preseason. Or maybe this isn't a big deal. I'm no doctor so I'll stop pretending to be one. See some quotes from Andy Reid here. We'll see how the Chiefs handle this.

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