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Chiefs training camp: Getting all the pass rushers on the field

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I have been out of pocket all day dealing with the recent car wreck Mrs. Arrowhead Pride and I were in (everyone is fine). So I'm catching up on some Chiefs camp coverage.

Here's what we missed at Chiefs camp today:

LB Josh Mauga leaves practice with groin injury | Chiefs Spin

Kansas City Chiefs Camp Report: Day 19 | ESPN

Chiefs’ top four outside linebackers may share field at the same time | The Kansas City Star

"Yeah, he’s just using the pieces like it’s chess and putting all his best players out there, allowing them to do what they do best," Hali said. "About five guys, six guys that can rush the passer. We call it a ‘dog’ front. He wants to see a bunch of dogs go out there."

Chiefs practice own production of ‘Music City Miracle’ | The Kansas City Star

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