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Derrick Johnson lays big hit on Jamaal Charles in training camp practice

This seems familiar.

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For the second time in the last year, we're talking about a big hit Derrick Johnson delivered to Jamaal Charles. The thing is, they're teammates on the Kansas City Chiefs so you shouldn't expect to hear one is hitting the other and making news about it.

The first came in the Pro Bowl last year when DJ met Jamaal at the line of scrimmage and stone-walled him. The Pro Bowl was played in that two-week gap between the Championship games and the Super Bowl. Because there wasn't as much else going on, everyone talked about DJ's big hit on Jamaal. It was a thing.

The second one happened in practice so it won't make the rounds quite as much.

"They've got this Texas thing," Andy Reid said after practice, via quotes from the Chiefs. "You've got to look at the positive: Jamaal got up and his head was good and everything else so I'm good with it. That is going to happen out here. That is going to happen, I got it. You saw one with the offensive line, one of the offensive lineman hit a linebacker and then hit him again. You've got to be smart. It's part of the game and things are going to happen."

Then there's this view of it:

Actually, Andy Reid told USA Today that he was "loving" seeing DJ "strut" like this. So maybe he does like it. The Chiefs do tackle to the ground, which is unusual for other teams.

Here are other people talking about the hit:

It's Game Time.

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