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Chiefs' Sanders Commings needs ankle surgery and fractured his fibula

Chiefs DB Sanders Commings needs ankle surgery and he fractured his fibula, according to the team.


Kansas City Chiefs DB Sanders Commings injured his ankle in Wednesday's practice and on Thursday the Chiefs said he would be having surgery on his ankle.

Chiefs trainer Rick Burkholder briefly spoke to the media on Friday to explain the injury further.

"I just wanted to update you on Sanders Commings who had a right ankle injury two days ago. What he actually had was very similar to a high ankle sprain, but to the extreme where he needed surgery to repair that high ankle sprain. As his foot externally rotated on the play he fractured his fibula. Dr. (Cris) Barnthouse down in Kansas City fixed him yesterday, and he's back home right now recovering. We will give you updates as we go with him as he returns. But he has some rehab ahead of him."

So it's ankle surgery and a broken leg. That seems like a pretty intense injury.

The Chiefs will have to decide what they want to do with Commings. They could put him on IR, which would end his season. Or they could save him for the IR-designed for return, which is what they did last year. That could be an option if the Chiefs think he could be back within three months.

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