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What does it mean to get "carted off" at Chiefs training camp?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever a player is injured at Kansas City Chiefs camp, he is "carted off" the field. But I hate using the term "carted off" because it seems to imply -- on Twitter, mostly -- that it's a serious injury. That's not always the case.

The Chiefs have two fields side-by-side at training camp. The fans sit on the south and east sides of the field. On the west side of the field, the Chiefs have a medical tent. The players who are not practicing (and not in pads) are working out on their own near that medical tent.

Whenever a player gets hurt -- seems like the Chiefs are averaging a couple injuries per day -- the player walks or limps over to the medical tent. The trainers take a look at them and work on whatever is needed. This is just far enough away from the media tent that you really need binoculars to make out exactly what they're working on.

From there, if the player is not going to practice anymore, he will be taken in a cart from the medical tent and into their facility. The thing is, their facility is at the top of a giant hill. So almost any player that is hurt will be "carted off" the field and up the hill.

The hill up to the Chiefs locker room.

Is he in the front seat of the cart sitting up? In the back seat laying down? These aren't definitive signs of injury but it's stuff we do look for.

BerryMarcus Cooper and Sanders Commings have all been carted off in the last two practices. Only one of those injuries appears to be serious.

Technically, Andy Reid and many of the coaches are "carted off" the field each day because they take the carts up and down the hill. I can't blame them -- I walk about a third of the hill and start looking around for a golf cart I can steal borrow.

I try to avoid using the term carted off for this reason. It sounds like it should be bad ... but it's often not.

Look at these two getting carted off last week.

David Eulitt/Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty Images

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