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Chiefs-Colts nominated for best game of the year

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The ESPYs have a nomination for the game of the year and you won't believe which game is one of the nominees. Yes, it's that dang Chiefs-Colts playoff game from last January. The one where the Chiefs blew it. The one where it was so close. The one that Chiefs fans are trying to forget.

(Speaking of not forgetting, don't forget to vote Jamaal Charles for his ESPY!)

It's hard to forget that game when a.) the ESPYs are airing promos for it as the game of the year and b.) NFL Network airs the full replay of the game in July. I didn't see the replay of the game on NFL Network -- ha, not a chance I would watch that -- but I did see the aftermath of that replay, when Chiefs fans on Twitter got really sad.