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"Did I say that?" The Jon Baldwin draft pick

Remembering some of the silly things we've said in the past. Up today is the Jon Baldwin draft pick in 2011.

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Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison had a great idea when I was on 610 Sports with them the other day. So I'm going to steal the idea. This will (hopefully) be a recurring series where we highlight some of the things that we have been wrong about throughout Chiefs history. Obviously, a lot of options to choose from.

Up first is the Jon Baldwin pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.

While Danny drove the train on the Baldwin bandwagon, I was on it. I thought it would turn out to be a good pick. Of course I was wrong.

Looking back through the comments on our post, there were a few who doubted the pick.

I can't believe we wasted 2 years with Right 53 bullshit. Hated the trade down, hate the pick, oh well.

I'm reserving opinion until the liquor wears off. Initial response is WTF?

I dunno. I think we reached a full round for him. He upgrades our WR corps, so that's a definite plus. I just think we could have picked better.

There were a lot more that loved the pick.

Killer B's: Bowe and Baldwin

In Pioli I trust.

Once he gets Haley'd, dude is going to be All-Pro.

I can't really complain about the pick. We got an extra 3rd rounder today and got a good WR with potential. Haley will make Bowe and Baldwin an outstanding duo.

Haley has worked with TO, Fitzgerald, Boldin and Bowe. Baldwin definitely fits that same mold.

Baldwin. Bowe. RunDMC. Moeaki. Charles. Sounds like a pretty good lot of options to me. Just think two years ago - Bobby Wade, Lance Long.... They're giving Cassel every chance to make it. I trust Pioli, if he was a risk we wouldn't go there.  Our offense looks potent now.

This kid is going to be explosive. Their QBs were terrrrrrible. He is a tremendous athlete. He is going to do great things for the chiefs. Mark my words.

Mark my words, Jonathan 'Jump Ball' Baldwin, jump on the wagon now. Just saying.

I think those who are calling this a catastrophe will end up apologizing to Pioli again.

Randy Moss was once a great part of the "Right 53" in New England. As long as Haley is in charge, no player is going to be a diva on this team. The more I think of it, this was a great pick.

The most accurate comment is this one.

Just have to wait and see like every other draft.

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