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Chiefs training camp: Eric Berry and Marcus Cooper both leave with injury

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The big news of the day from Thursday's KC Chiefs training camp practice is that Eric Berry and Marcus Cooper went down with injuries. Neither appears to be serious at this point.

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Eric Berry is hurt

I did not see which play led to Berry's injury but I did see Berry in the medical tent getting worked on by a couple of trainers. They appeared to be working on his foot or ankle. After a few minutes, he walked to the cart which took him up the hill and back to the Chiefs facility at Missouri Western.

"Berry has a sore ankle," Andy Reid said after practice. "It's not an Achilles tear or any of that. They're evaluating him."

NewsChiefs sign S Steve Gregory

Daniel Sorensen got in there during red zone work. With Sanders Commings out as well, the Chiefs also had Malcolm Bronson playing more snaps at safety. Sorensen is a rookie free agent so that's a strong statement about his chances of making the team. But it's still early.

Read this to see everything we know about Berry's injury at the moment.

Marcus Cooper is hurt

Meanwhile, Cooper came limping off the field near the end of Chiefs practice. He walked to the medical tent with the help of two trainers. He stayed in the tent for a few minutes before the Chiefs brought the cart out and took him back up the hill.

Reid said after practice that it was a slight hamstring for Cooper.

Sean Smith replaced Cooper on the field.

Not practicing today

Sanders Commings and Mike Catapano were not spotted anywhere on the field. Commings is having ankle surgery while Catapano was said to be sick.

Also not practicing was Joe McKnight, DeMarcus Van Dyke, David Van Dyke, and Junior Hemingway. Of that group, the Chiefs need to get Hemingway back into the swing of things. He's now missed a few days of practice with a hamstring injury. With him competing at the slot receiver, the Chiefs need to get some work with him on the field.

AJ Jenkins also came out with a hamstring.

Red zone work

The Chiefs spent plenty of time working on their red zone offense and defense. The offense lined up within the 20 and worked their way into the end zone.

  • Marcus Cooper broke up a pass to Dwayne Bowe.
  • Alex Smith was sacked on one play and so was Chase Daniel.
  • Dwayne Bowe had a drop in the back of the end zone that looked catchable from my viewpoint.
  • Smith had a wide open touchdown pass to Kyle Williams, who caught a few passes during red zone work. Williams had a nice catch in traffic on the goal line.
  • Smith had a goal line pass to Anthony Fasano, whose sure hands hauled it in. The official Arrowhead Pride ruling: Touchdown!
  • Jamaal Charles and De'Anthony Thomas on the field at the same time? Yes, please!
  • Aaron Murray took off running when a huge hope opened up and scored the touchdown.
  • Chase Daniel seemed to have a rough day. He missed a couple of passes and appeared frustrated on the field.
  • Smith had a nice over the shoulder pass to Bowe in the corner of the end zone. The official Arrowhead Pride ruling: Touchdown!
  • Murray completely missed a receiver on one play. Either Murray didn't know the play or the receiver didn't.

More practice observations

  • Drop a pick at camp? Do 10 push-ups.
  • On the field at the same time: Tamba Hali, Justin Houston and Dee Ford. The Chiefs ran a few plays with all three on the field. Lots of options with those three.
  • Dwayne Bowe had a drop going over the middle of the field.
  • Derrick Johnson is so fast. He hit the flat to nearly intercept a pass to Jamaal Charles.
  • I saw reserve lineman Ricky Henry with some first team snaps at guard. Don't think that's happened yet.

Play of the day

Near the end zone, Alex Smith threw a nice floater to Kyle Williams, who dove into the front corner of the end zone to make the catch. It was one of those full extensions catches. Williams has had a very nice day.

Best jersey

An Arrowhead Pride reader with an excellent jersey.

Cutest picture of the day

Carry D-Bowe's pads, rook!