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Chiefs training camp: The good, bad and ugly through the first 5 days

The good, bad and ugly of the Chiefs first five practices at training camp.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

No holdouts. Jamaal Charles, Justin Houston and Alex Smith were on the field for the first game.

The weather has been really nice. At 8:15 a.m., there have been a couple of chilly mornings (yes, I complain when it's too cold, too).

Alex Smith is obviously the best quarterback on the field.

The defensive line is heavier. Allen Bailey and Mike Catapano are both near 300 pounds.

Dwayne Bowe is in the "best shape of his life". I know everyone says that every year ... but he does look good.

Frankie Hammond and Albert Wilson look like two good, young receivers who have a shot to make the roster.

Mark Harrison catching balls over the defensive back (pictured above).

This story about Dwayne Bowe.

This Sean LaChapelle jersey.

The cars you see on the road in St. Joe.

The kicker battle. It's actually fun to watch!

The time I made it to camp in 49 minutes.

The Bad

Injuries: Sanders Commings, Junior Hemingway, Travis Kelce, Phillip Gaines and Donald Stephenson have all missed time early.

Sean McGrath retired. More power to him for his decision. For the Chiefs, this is one less name to call on if an injury pops up.

Rok Watkins was waived after hurting his back. I thought he'd be a contender at right guard.

Gas. I'm filling up every three trips.

The Ugly

The offensive line without Donald Stephenson, who has an ankle injury.

Sean Smith is losing first team reps to Ron Parker.

Broncos and Raiders fans invading Chiefs camp.

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