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Kansas City Chiefs have their past, present and future at outside linebacker

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With the Kansas City Chiefs 2014 training camp schedule kicking off soon, we are previewing the KC Chiefs 2014 roster by position. Up today are the outside linebackers.

Jamie Squire

The players

Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, Frank Zombo, Dee Ford, Dezman Moses, Josh Martin, Alonzo Highsmith

If there is any position on the Kansas City Chiefs roster that feels very, very solid, it's the outside linebackers. Kansas City sees the return of both Hali and Houston as the starters with the addition of Ford, a first-round pick oozing potential.

Zombo is also back in the mix as a depth player. While he is not the most athletically gifted player, Zombo is heady and has shown the ability to fill in decently while playing well on special teams.

What's changed

There is not much notable change in this group. As previously stated, general manager John Dorsey addressed the depth by picking up Ford with the 23rd overall pick in the NFL Draft. Ford is not expected to be a starter right away but certainly could be used in sub-packages. All three on the field at the same time? You betcha.

With Houston reporting to camp, much of the drama is gone. However, Houston is a free agent after this season and the Chiefs need to get a deal done with him. If you are serious about winning the Super Bowl, you don't let one of the best players in football walk during his prime years.

The big question

How effective can Ford be as a rookie? We know he is not going to be a starter barring injury, but can he create all kinds of havoc coming in on second and third-down passing situations?

Best case scenario

Hali and Houston continue to produce at All-Pro levels, while Ford comes in on passing downs and looks like the second coming of Derrick Thomas. Houston is out to prove that he has earned his massive new deal and racks up 15+ sacks.

Worst case scenario

Hali finally begins to show his age and Houston's contract situation is carried to the field.

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