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Chiefs training camp: Dwayne Bowe cramps up, Donald Stephenson injures ankle

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A roundup of the KC Chiefs Sunday training camp practice, where Dwayne Bowe left with cramps and Donald Stephenson injured his ankle.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

We'll start with the big news of the day: Dwayne Bowe had cramps. The dreaded "carted off" phrase ...

The rest of the Chiefs Sunday practice was an injury-filled one.

Eric Berry dislocated his finger yesterday.

There were a few new injuries, too.

And, oh yeah, starting RT Donald Stephenson.

The injuries made for some new lineup combinations.

O-line vs. d-line

De'Anthony Thomas first in on punt returns.

Play of the day: Frankie Hammond

Best / worst jersey of the day

In other important news.

Speaking of Murray.

More highlights.


Reader Denise sent the one above in. "Caught this Sean Smith interception this am. Caused lots of high fives among the defense.  It was a great morning for football!"