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Chiefs' Sean McGrath has retired

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The speculation was correct. Kansas City Chiefs TE Sean McGrath has decided to retire.

Andy Reid made the announcement after Saturday's Chiefs training camp practice.

McGrath, 26, did show up to Chiefs camp with the rest of the veterans on Wednesday. At some point after that, he informed the team of his decision to retire.

McGrath was battling for the third tight end spot with Demetrius Harris. Even if he didn't make the team, his familiarity with the offense likely would have kept him on the Chiefs call list in the event of an injury.

McGrath came to the Chiefs on roster cut down weekend one week before the start of last season. He ended up playing a larger role than imagined due to injuries to Anthony Fasano and Travis Kelce.

The Chiefs tight ends in camp are now Fasano, Kelce, Harris and Richard Gordon.

Best of luck to McGrath in his post-football career.