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Kansas City Chiefs talk like they want to see more, not less of Jamaal Charles

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Fantasy football alert: Jamaal Charles will remain the man in the Kansas City Chiefs offense.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier we wrote about KC Chiefs coach Andy Reid not being concerned with overusing Jamaal Charles. "I haven't had one that I've over used before and I've been doing it a couple years. So I think we'll be OK," Reid said when asked if a guy like Jamaal could be overused.

Now here's Chiefs OC Doug Pederson making it clear that Jamaal will remain a major part of the offense.

"When it's in the heat of the battle, and it's kind of crunch time, you want your guys on the field, and that's the bottom line. Jamaal's a part of that and he's going to be on the football field regardless of how may touches he's had early in the game or how many plays he has leading up to that point, so when we get to that aspect of the game, then we're going to put our best guys out on the field."

The question was one that I've pointed out before too -- how do you take Jamaal off the field when he is so good with the ball in his hands? It's easy to say you're going to do that; it's hard to actually do it. It's been trendy lately to suggest the Chiefs should use Knile Davis more often but I want to see the play caller who takes Jamaal out of the game.

The way Pederson talked, it was almost like the Chiefs wanted to use Jamaal more.

"...would you like to expand Jamaal's role just a touch? Yes, you would. He creates matchups. For us, offensively against defenders, and so, the more he can handle the information, then the more we're going to give him tidbits of stuff to handle, outside of just the backfield."

As long as his touchdowns remain high, I'll be happy.