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Chiefs training camp updates for Family Fun Day (July 26)

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Follow along with tweets from Chiefs training camp.

It's Family Fun Day at KC Chiefs training camp, which means the fan turnout should be a good one. I will not be out at camp today -- Mrs. AP doesn't trust me to get back in time for an early afternoon wedding we have -- but I have a Twitter list of the folks that are out there

You can read our camp reports from the last two days --- Thursday and Friday. The full Chiefs camp schedule is here. Things start at 8:15 a.m. and should go until about 11-ish.

What to watch for

  • PADS! This is the first day the Chiefs can wear pads. Things may not get as physical day one, but it's coming.
  • The injury report has looked like this the last couple days: Sanders Commings (foot), Joe McKnight (knee), David Van Dyke (hamstring), Rok Watkins (back).
  • Is Sean Smith still on the second team? Yeah, I'm gonna ask this question every day.
  • Who gets more right guard snaps -- Rishaw Johnson or Zach Fulton?
  • Where are the Chiefs lining up De'Anthony Thomas? Probably running back but I want to see some creativity with him.

Chiefs camp tweets