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Chiefs' Andy Reid not concerned with overusing Jamaal Charles

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The Chiefs head coach indicated he's confident they won't run Jamaal Charles down with too many touches.


The usage of Jamaal Charles is one of the story lines in Kansas City Chiefs training camp, which opened on Thursday and continues this morning. Our Chiefs running backs preview questioned whether the Chiefs should give Knile Davis more of the load and, if so, how much.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid didn't sound nearly as concerned about overusing Charles when asked about him on Thursday.

"I think he's got a lot in the tank. We're going keep using him. He's a good football player and he enjoys playing the game, so we'll keep getting him the football."

History says a 27-year old running back with 1,265 career touches would start to decline soon. Maybe Jamaal is a different cat. If not, the hope is that Reid knows how to use him throughout the season.

"I haven't had one that I've over used before," Reid continued, "and I've been doing it a couple years. So I think we'll be OK."

Reid said they have enough players to spread the ball around. The dilemma I've pointed out here before is that Jamaal is so good with the ball in his hand, it's hard to argue for a plan that takes it out of his hands. I do think there has to be a middle ground here with how much he's used.

Having healthy tight ends will help. They can take some of those intermediate passes that may have gone to Jamaal last season. That's where Anthony Fasano, Travis Kelce and perhaps Demetrius Harris come into play. Getting more from Dwayne Bowe would help as well.