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Sean McGrath's status in limbo with Kansas City Chiefs

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

TE Sean McGrath was not at the Kansas City Chiefs first training camp practice on Thursday. The reasoning may be deeper than your usual nagging injury.

Nick Jacobs reported that McGrath was contemplating retirement.

Andy Reid was asked about McGrath's status after practice and said: "Sean is working some things out now. Some personal things. I'll have an answer for you on that later."

A follow up question was whether he was thinking about retirement.

"We'll see on that," Reid said. "He's contemplating some things and going through some things."

The Chiefs haven't made any roster moves surrounding McGrath. He is still on the roster. Reid did not make it sound like there was a resolution one way or another. So we wait.

McGrath may not have made the Chiefs 53-man roster but with his familiarity with the offense, it's possible he could have contributed in the event of an injury. I am surprised by this news, whatever it is.