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Jamaal Charles is an elite NFL player, Chiefs GM John Dorsey says

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The GM of the Chiefs offered a brief statement after signing Jamaal Charles to a four-year, $28 million contract.

Jamie Squire

It's officially official. Jamaal Charles is signed, sealed and delivered after physically signing his contact in St. Joe on Wednesday evening. I didn't expect a long holdout ... but I expected something more than the 45-minute or so holdout that we saw from the Kansas City Chiefs running back.

After Jamaal inked his deal, Chiefs GM John Dorsey said he was E-L-I-T-E (he didn't spell it like that, but whatever).

"Jamaal is an elite player in the National Football League," Dorsey said in a statement. "It was important for us to keep him here in Kansas City long-term."

It was important for everyone interested in seeing the Chiefs win this year.

Here's an interesting tidbit I noticed on this week. On Tuesday, the day this holdout talk first came out, Dorsey was on his phone while on the field at Chiefs practice. He was standing behind a tent quite often on his phone. He's usually not talking on his phone as much as he was that day. Then at this morning's practice, Dorsey was nowhere to be seen. So I guess if Dorsey isn't at practice, a major extension is coming? I'll remember that for future speculation.

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