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Former Denver Broncos OT says he is now a Kansas City Chief

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A former Denver Broncos says he is now a Kansas City Chief. The name is Ryan Harris, an offensive tackle.

Harris was a 2007 third round pick by the Broncos where he played through the 2010 season. He had a brief stint in 2011 with the Eagles -- there's your Andy Reid connection -- and another brief stint with the Broncos before spending the last two seasons with the Houston Texans.

Harris had 39 starts over his career. He's had plenty of injuries so that's certainly a concern but with that many starts he's an intriguing July addition. The Chiefs have Eric Fisher and Donald Stephenson at the two tackle spots now. J'Marcus Webb seems like a decent bet to take the lead at the third tackle spot.

Harris was a four-year starter at Notre Dame. Before that, he was on the MTV Show, True Life: I want the perfect body.

That is now two players the Chiefs have reportedly signed today.