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10 things to know about the Jamaal Charles contract situation

Will Jamaal Charles hold out? Will he report to camp? What the heck is going on with the Chiefs' finances? Let's just make an important list to consider from all sides.

Jamie Squire

1. Not all reports turn out to be true and, in fact, can look absolutely absurd in the rearview mirror. Jamaal Charles not showing up at Chiefs training camp will be news when Jamaal Charles does not show up at training camp. There is one report that says he won't show. The Chiefs reportedly believe he will be there. Veterans report Wednesday for the first practice on Thursday.

2. The Chiefs have known that Jamaal wants to get paid for a while. John Dorsey did not check his Twitter feed last night and freak out because KCTV-5 sat down with an anonymous source and heard something exclusively that had not already been communicated to the team.

3. Jamaal already reported to OTAs and minicamp. He's been a team player for years. He's been an elite player for years. The idea that he's a diva, being selfish, etc. is a bit overblown considering that he's not even missed a minute of camp yet.

4. Jamaal deserves more than he's making. The Chiefs locked up Charles early in his career with a contract that now looks sweet for the team. However, running backs like Jonathan Stewart and Joique Bell are making more than Charles. Just by definition, he should earn more money.

5. Jamaal is aware of both the timing and cap issues involved. Every player knows that Justin Houston and Alex Smith are both in line for extensions. Every player also knows that the team watched some valuable contributors walk this offseason already to create the money to do so. But if the Chiefs are going to be making some important financial decisions and commitments this offseason, it is the perfect time for Charles to throw his hat in the ring and remind them how underpaid he is (consdering he is the best player on this team).

6. The Chiefs have a plan. Sure, some franchises seem like the village idiot is in charge, and by definition, not every team can win in the NFL. But let's actually remember that jobs are on the line for John Dorsey and his staff. They've likely went through every scenario for every player and their financial futures for the next several years. The safe assumption is that every decision made to re-sign a player, make an offer, or allow someone to walk has the health of the entire team in mind, both for the short- and long-term.

7. The Chiefs could continue to cut costs. Chase Daniel and Tyler Bray might be competing for the same spotRyan Succop faces competition from Cairo Santos. Maybe there's even a surprise cut or two. The Chiefs could still free up a few million before all is said and done, so there's likely room to do what they need, contract-wise, right now.

8. The Chiefs don't have to break the bank for Charles. There's a way for Charles to make more money, good money, and not become an anchor that keeps the team from moving forward. Just look at the extension reached between Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers for a team-friendly deal that rewards a player for a job well done. Hearing the words "holdout" or "extension" doesn't mean handcuffing the team.

9. The Chiefs have already gone cheap in key places. Could it backfire? Sure. Every team faces these same challenges and learns to play on the cheap at certain positions. Very few teams have such an inexpensive offensive front. The secondary is now relying on a lot of young, inexpensive parts. Again, they've worked their plan. They know where they need to spend (and save) their money.

10. At this point, you might as well trust Dorsey. So far the only swing-and-miss for the Chiefs came in signing-and-then-not-signing Emmanuel Sanders. Everything else has been a win or undecided. It's too early to grade any of Dorsey's draft classes, but you can't argue with a playoff appearance in year one. History might prove Dorsey wrong in some of these decisions he's going to make, but for now you might as well tip your hat to a team that surprised a lot of people last year and gave the Colts a helluva scare in the playoffs.

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